Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Blog Hop Wednesday --- December 21, 2016

I am back home.  Germany was really beautiful, especially the Bavarian mountains.  We had a great time.  Yes, we went to a lot of Christmas markets and we went to about 4 in Berlin.  Not sure if we were at the one that just had the terror attack.  I can't get an angle on any pictures that I recognize.  The markets are all pretty much alike.  I do remember the church next door and have a picture of that church.  Sad that all those people having fun were attacked.  I hope the rest of the markets will be safe this season.  I pray for all those families.

We continue this week with our gold and/or silver theme.  This time I have some gold for you.  You should have come from Liz's blogsite and then you should continue to Robbie's blogsite.

This was a very easy card, yet very glittery and pretty.  I especially love the thinlits Stampin'Up! has now, both the straight edge and scallop, and also the stitched.  I did not use the stitched this time.

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and I will be back next week, will you?  Have fun with your families and be safe and warm.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wednesday Blog Hop -- December 14, 2016

Now I am in Munich, Germany, and this is the last leg of our trip.  Tomorrow will be our last day and then we travel home on Thursday.  Today (which is Tuesday) we visited the castles of Ludwig II of Bavaria.  The main one, Neuschwanstein, is the one that the Disney Cinderella castle was designed after.  It is a beautiful castle.  The challenge for us was that it is an all uphill walk to get up there.  We were told it was a little over a mile up hill and it would take between 25 to 60 minutes to walk it, depending on your abilities.  It took us about 40 minutes.  Once we got a good rhythm going it was not a bad walk at all.   Then, in the castle there were 171 steps by my count.  Not all one right after the other, but 3 groups of 75, 63 and 33.  Whew, those were worse than the uphill walk. We loved the all day trip and the places we visited.  But we are tired and will probably stay a little closer to home tomorrow and finish up Munich,

So, you are here to continue to blog hop?  We are doing golds and silvers.  I have not made any cards since I left home, but I have something silvery in my photo stash.  This uses the Lovely As a Tree stamp set and some silver foil paper and Dazzling Diamonds.  Pretty silver to me,

You should have come to me from Liz's blogsite and then continue to Robbie's blogsite.  I've been checking their sites out and some lovely creations.

I will be back home in a couple days and can't wait to get my fingers inky.  While I was gone a Stampin'Up! box should have been delivered to my door (neighbors have been watching for it).  My new Occasions pre-order will be in there and I can't wait to check it out.  Not much longer before we all get to purchase and work with Occasions and Sale-a-bration toys.

Take care, happy crafting,

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday Blog Hop -- December 7, 2016

Hello again.  This time I'm in Zurich, Switzerland.  (I hope this reads in English, because a lot of my computer prompts are coming through in German, so good luck).  We made it from Frankfurt by train.  However, it was not much fun dragging the suitcases down the stairs in the train station.  There were 2 flights of stairs.  All escalators were set to UP, none down.  However, a fellow took pity on me and took my larger bag and carried it down.  He was so nice,  That was the inner city train just in Frankfurt.  Then we had to transfer to the inter country train and head for Zurich.  Guess what, another 2 flights down stairs.  This time I struggled -- I have no upper body strength -- for about half the distance before my wonderful husband came back up to help me finish.  We made it to our hotel and all has been well since.

Today is Saturday.  I am trying to post today because for the next 5 days we will be on a river cruise floating down -- or perhaps up -- the river in Germany,  During that time our internet will be spotty, so I want to post now, while I have the chance.  Guess where the boat dumps us?  Want to take a guess????   Frankfurt!!!   So pray for no more Lufthansa strikes.  We then fly to Berlin for 4 days and then fly to Munich for 4 more days.  So if Lufthansa strikes again it means we will be training it throughout the rest of our vacation.  Ugh!!  We love to take trains when we have no suitcases.  Yesterday we bought a train pass and went from Zurich to 2 different cities to have lunch and then dinner before coming back to our hotel in Zurich.  It is fun to zip around without suitcases.

So now that you are up to date with my travels, how about my card.  We are supposed to use gold, silver, or both.  I happen to have a card with gold in my photo file.  So here is my entry for this week. I used the gold shimmer paper for the pine cone and gold bakers twine.

As usual, you should have come to me by way of Liz's blogsite and should now continue to Robbie's blogsite  I can't wait to see how they used gold and silver.  I bet both are gorgeous, as well as all the cards on our blog hop.

Next week I should join you from one more travelling city.  By then we should be in Munich, Germany before we head home.  Have a great week.  Enjoy your warmth.  It is cold here.  Yesterday we had upper 20s.  The weather really isn't much different from home, but just a little colder.  Both John and I have layers and layers, so we aren't having any trouble roaming around outside.  I may look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, but I'm not cold.

Auf Wiedersehen,

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday Blog Hop -- November 30, 2016

I am going to take artistic liberties today.  Since I put this week's card on last week's blog post, I am going to continue going rogue and do a Christmas card this week, which would be next week's theme.  By the time you read this post on Wednesday I hope to be on a train in Germany headed for Switzerland.  At least that is the plan.  Right now it is Monday and we are to leave tomorrow for Zurich, Switzerland by way of a connecting flight in Frankfurt, Germany.  However, this morning Lufthansa notified us that our connecting flight in Frankfurt was cancelled due to an airline strike.   The strike is 3 days but is exactly when we are to travel.  We spent all day today working out the snag.  So, once we get to Frankfurt we will take a commuter train to the main train station and travel 4 hours by train to Zurich, Switzerland.  Not so bad, but it was touch and go for a while.  With everyone trying to figure out what to do about their cancellations, it was difficult to find an alternative and then get through to make it happen.  Thus my statement that I hope while you are reading this I will either be on a train or already in Zurich, and this dilemma will be nothing more than a fun story to tell when we return.

For my card today, I am jumping ahead to December and putting a Christmas card on my post.  You may recognize it.  This is made from the super Paper Pumpkin kit subscribers received this month.  I quickly did up all the cards to add to my holiday card stash and love them all.  Because we will be travelling and won't return until very close to Christmas, I needed to have all my cards and Christmas shopping done before we left.  Wow, this is the first year I had all my Christmas cards and shopping done BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Enough jibber jabber,  here is my card.

The stamps in the set are cute houses and trees and a nice sentiment.  I did some cards with colored houses and that combination is nice too.  These are small and perfect for enclosing a nice monetary gift.  You probably came to me from Liz's blogsite and will then go to Robbie's blogsite.  The theme today actually is still Thank You.  Forgive me for "doing my own thing."

Hopefully you all had a nice Thanksgiving.  Enjoy December.  Cross your fingers for me and my travels and that Lufthansa gets this strike out of their system.  Dec 7 and 11 I have Berlin and Munich flights.  It is really hard schlepping luggage on/off trains so I hope the flights won't cancel.

Take care,

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday Blog Hop -- November 23, 2016

Welcome back.  It is Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.  You may be doing some of the same things that I am doing today.  I'm baking, cleaning, cooking, and getting ready for company.  My son and girlfriend and the grands are coming.  I can't wait.  The kids are getting older and are always so busy.  Their visits to Gramma and Grampa are getting fewer and farther between.  We go there, but they don't come here as often as they used to before they got so grown up and busy.

You should be hopping along today from Liz's blogsite and then head to Robbie's blogsite after me.  Our card today is very fallish and another thanks type card.  What better theme for Thanksgiving.

Here is my card.  When I saw the scarecrow in our sample piece I immediately headed for the Cookie Cutter group of cuties.  I love both the Halloween and the Christmas sets and have already used both a whole lot.   (Correction:  I just found out I used the sample for NEXT week!  I hate it when that happens.  Hope you enjoy my card anyway.)

What are you thankful for?  I have so many things on my list that it could go on forever, but first and foremost is my Creator, who leads me through all my days, both good and bad.  And next has to be my wonderful husband, who always treats me special, then my son, then my family, then, then, then.  I am sure you all go down the same kind of list.  Whatever or whoever is on your list be sure to remember all those special people and things.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  See you soon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday Blog Hop -- November 16, 2016

Here we are again, blog hop Wednesday.  You should have visited Liz's blogsite before me and will continue to Robbie's blogsite when you leave here.  Our theme for the whole month of November is thank you.  Here is our inspiration piece.

My card is very simple.  I made a few of these for quick thank yous.  It is just our square dies, a piece of dsp, a butterfly and a thanks stamp.  It is something really quick and simple

I hope you are enjoying fall.  Here it is starting to get chilly and I know that white stuff is just around the corner.  Shhhhhhh, don't mention the white stuff!!!

See you soon.  Happy crafting,

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Blog Hop Wednesday -- November 9, 2016

How is your election week going?  It is Tuesday night and I am currently watching election news.  Tomorrow we should have a new president.  Whoever wins the presidency, I hope that person will do the best for our country as a whole.  I pray for that person.  I hope you all voted, because your vote is important.

Ok, so now back to your regularly scheduled program, our Wednesday blog hop.  We have a Thank You theme for this month.  I was expecting fall colors, but these blues were totally unexpected.  Not too hard to do, though.  Right away I thought of the pretty blue Floral Boutique Washi tape.  Add to that Hello You Thinlits and that is my card.  Very simple.

You should have come to my blog from Liz's blogsite and should continue to Robbie's blogsite when you leave here.  Have a wonderful week.  See you soon.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Color Blog Hop Wednesday -- November 2, 2016

This is going to be very quick because I am borrowing wifi at McDonalds in order to get this on my  blog for our hop.  You should have come from Liz's blogsite and when you leave here you will continue to Robbie's blogsite.

During November we are to do fall type thank yous.  I did a card similar to this one a while back but I changed this one up a little.  I love these trees and have been using them often.  I just realized this is no longer a current set -- sorry -- because they are now sold out.  Hmmmm, I guess I better put it on the retired shelf now.

After I took the picture I went back and added some dazzling diamonds to give it some sparkle.  However, for fall, I think the glitter was too much.  I am glad I took the pic before I made that addition.

So here is my card, and now you can continue to Robbie's site.  I will go back to eating my dinner snack.  See you soon.

Crafty Hugs,

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blog Hop Wednesday -- October 26, 2016

Trick or Treat!  So this is my last Halloween card.  Today I started working on my Christmas cards.  I need to get them finished for mailing in a couple weeks.  Can you believe Christmas is only 2 months away!  Oh  my gosh, where did this year go?

Did you come to my blog from Liz's blogsite?  Love her card.  We did some crafting this afternoon so I got a sneak peek even before she put it on her blog,    When you leave me you need to continue to Robbie's blogsite.

This is my card.  Another with those scary eyes.  I bet I will still be using those eyes long after they retire.  They are so much fun.

Next week we will start on our November cards.  We will be working on fall thank you cards.  See you next week -- or maybe before.  One of these days I'll put more on my blog, but in the meantime have a nice week.

Crafty Hugs,

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Blog Hop Wednesday -- October 19, 2016

Happy Wednesday!   It is time again for our blog hop, and today we have a full house.  I believe everyone is here.  You should have arrived from Liz's blogsite.  Since Liz and I were crafting together on Sunday, she knows what I planned and I know her plan.  Isn't her card cute!  Love that teddy bear.

I hope everyone out there is having the weather I am having.  Wow!  Temps are a little high for this time of year.  We had 80 today with blue skies and a bit of breeze.  Perfect.  Combine that with all the leaves that are changing and I could sit outside and stare into space all day.  I think we have a couple more days of this so I plan to get outside again tomorrow.

Oh, right, we are doing a hop today.  We are challenged all month to do Halloween items.  I did a card for today using the scary eyes in the Jar of Haunts set.  I just love those eyes and have been using them all over.  I've started sending out cards to a few friends and have put them on the envelope.  On another card you open to the inside and there are those scary eyes looking at you.  I think they are the best of the set.

Ok, so here is my card.......

So easy.  Some designer paper, a little Pumpkin Pie glimmer paper, a jar with eyes, and a cute card is born.  You should head on now to Robbie's blogsite.

Have a wonderful week.  See you soon.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday Blog Hop -- October 12, 2016

Welcome everyone.  I'm baaaaaack!  Hubby and I took a driving trip to Maine for a few days of relaxation, and then to Connecticut to visit 3 of our grands on our way home.  We had a great time at Booth Bay Harbor where we played tourist, took a day trip to an island, and ate our fill (for now) of lobster.  This time we did not try to coordinate our trip with fall leaves although we saw a few.  We only wanted to get away for a few days and then see 3 of our grands for a few days.  The whole trip was a lot of fun.

Now I am back to re-join our Wednesday hop.  Our theme for October is Halloween.  My contribution this week uses the test tubes from our September Paper Pumpkin and is a sample of one of the treat holders I plan to send to some of our grands for Halloween.  Every year I try to send them something cute and something holding at least a little candy.  My sample here has tic tacs in the tube only because that was all I could find around here that was small.  I plan to put M&Ms or some other Halloween treat for the actual treats I send.

I am loving the Cookie Cutter Halloween and Christmas stamps, and the punch makes it so easy to cut them out.  They fit perfectly with what I want to do for our grandchildren both Halloween and Christmas.  I've already used them several times and plan to use them more.

You probably hopped to me from Liz's blogsite, and when you leave here you should continue to Robbie's blogsite.

Have a wonderful week.  Since I am working on lots of different things right now, I hope to do a little more blogging.  However, I always have good intentions.  We'll see what happens.

Happy Crafting,

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Blog Hop Wednesday -- September 21, 2016

Hi blog hoppers.   It is time to check out the creations for our hop. You probably arrived here at my site by way of Liz's blogsite.

Once again our theme is fall with lots of leaves.  I decided to use Thoughtful Branches.  At first I was going to use the big die with all the leaves.  However, no matter what I did I could not make it look the way it was in my head.  So I changed direction.  However, I still wanted Thoughtful Branches, but I created a different scene.  I am loving that set, and will be sorry when it retires.  I wasn't going to get it, but I see so many uses that I just had to have it.

So here is our fall picture.

And here is my piece.

I'm keeping this short tonight because I had a big workshop today and I am really tired.  We started with a typical Stampin'Up! workshop, but continued with a craft day.  I'm heading off to bed shortly (I do this blog the night before).  But first, let me link you to Robbie's blogsite.  Take a look to see what she has done for us.

Happy Crafting,

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blog Hop Wednesday -- September 14, 2016

Whew!  Another Wednesday.  Hard to believe that we are heading into fall when it was 94 degrees today.  However, there are many leaves falling, so it is starting to look like fall.  The other day my hubby already used the leaf blower.  So this hop we are starting to work with fall ideas.  You should have come from Liz's blogsite.  Yay, Liz, so glad you are back.  Hope you are feeling better.

Here is our inspiration piece for this week.

Here is the card I did using our fall idea.

Tomorrow I have one of my monthly craft meets.  I will be starting to work on Christmas ideas for my upcoming workshop.  Wow, I just said it is hard to think about fall.  Now I have to think about Christmas, and it is not that far away.  I hope I can get cold ideas when it is so hot outside.

Well, continue now to Robbie's blogsite.  She is doing some really nice things on her blogsite.  I've been getting some inspiration from her, so get on over there and get ideas too.

Crafty hugs,

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday Blog Hop -- September 7, 2016

Happy Wednesday once again.  The weeks are really going faster and faster.  Do you realize it is only a little more than 3 months until Christmas.  Oh shame, did I say that??!!!  It is a good thing our new Holiday Catalog is ready because it is time to start those holiday cards.  I think today is a farewell to summer colors.  I think next week we will start in on the fall colors.  You should have come to my blog by way of Joni's blogsite.  I need to go back and take a look, because she is so talented and I don't want to miss anything.

For today we have some pretty blues and I have a special card today.  I can't take credit because I CASE'd from Debbie Henderson's blog.  Usually when I CASE I try to change it up enough to make it mine.  I'll use a few different stamps or colors.  Today I loved her creation so much that I copied it and only changed the colors a little so they would apply to our challenge.  Actually, I made one other change.  I do not have By The Shore dsp, so I made my own piece of dsp by using Very Vanilla cardstock, one of the dies from Swirly Scribbles, and a sponge.  Go take a look at her video showing how she did the window with the water look.  She used hand sanitizer with a drop of color for the water look.  Now maybe everyone else knows all about this technique, but this was a first for me.

This was a fun card to do, and it surprised me that it really wasn't hard at all.  I think my grandson will love this for his birthday.  I'll just add a really nice birthday sentiment inside, some money, and there it is.  My grandson's birthday is this Friday and we are having a party on Saturday.  He loves fish and he has his own aquarium, so this is very appropriate.  Thank you Debbie for your inspiration.

Now you should continue to Robbie's blogsite if you did not start there.  She also makes some really nice creations.  Let's see what she has for us.

Have a fun day, see you soon,

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Blog Hop Wednesday -- August 31, 2016

Here we are with another blog hop Wednesday.  Liz hurt her arm and shoulder a couple weeks ago, so she has not been doing a lot of crafting.  Therefore she is not with us this week and Joni is before me. Joni always has something nice for us.  If you haven't checked her out that go back to her blogsite, then you can go forth to Robbie.  (go forth sounds like something from Sunday school, hmmmmm).  Anyway, here are our colors.....

They are red, white, and blue for the upcoming Labor Day holiday.  Wow, I can hardly believe that summer is already coming to a close.  I think I love fall the best because of the beautiful colors and the beautiful, crisp, weather.  Oh, but I do not like to think of the drab, chilly, months right behind.  Oh well, I will enjoy what we have today.  I hope you will be having a great Labor Day picnic to finish off the summer.  We are having a neighborhood picnic, which we do every year.

So enough jabbering.  Here is my holiday card.  Plenty of red, white, and blue.  I could not find any stamp that said labor or anything close.  So I just went with happy day.

Hope you like my card.  Now continue on to Robbie's blogsite to see what she has done.

Have a happy holiday,

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Blog Hop Wednesday -- August 24, 2016

Hi, it's blog hop Wednesday.  You probably came from Joni's blogsite where you got a treat.  Our colors this week are bright.  They make me think of balloons, so what do you think I did?

 Here is the card I did.

This is a quick blog because the card is self explanatory.  I used the balloons from Bella & Friends and hand cut then drew the lines.  You may not have figured that balloon without the little puppy hanging from it.  .

Ok, continue to Robbie's blogsite for another great creation.

See you soon,

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Color Blog Hop -- Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Happy Wednesday.  Wow, it is hot here.  We need a giant, cool, swimming pool, not our heated hot tub.   Well, we have some cool, purple, colors for you today.  You should have come from Liz's blogsite.  And when you leave here you should continue to Robbie's blogsite.

I used 3 purple colors, Elegant Eggplant, Wisteria Wonder and Perfect Plum.   I love the color family dsp stacks.  There are some really great patterns and the paper always fits.

I hope to see you again next week with our next color challenge.  Now head on over to Robbie's blogsite.

Stay cool,

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Color Blog Hop Wednesday -- August 10, 2016

Hi all.  It is our Wednesday color challenge.  Once again we are working with monochromatic color.  This time in reds.  You probably came to me by way of Liz's blogsite.  I know she was struggling with reds, but I bet she did a wonderful job.  I struggled a little too, but chose to use Melon Mambo, Rose Red and Pink Pirouette.

Here is the card I made with the 3 red colors:

I just recently received my stamp set called Touches of Texture.  I like the look of watercolor and somewhat abstract flowers.  I think it is going to be a favorite set of mine.  There is a lot of versatility.

Friday I received my initial pre-order from the new Holiday Catalog.  Oh, wow, I am going to have a lot of trouble limiting my purchases.  I love everything in that catalog.  There are lots of bundles.  Stampin'Up! is giving us more and more dies to make our lives easier.  I'm in love with the cute Halloween sets, as well as Christmas sets.  First I need to work a bit more with what I have and then I will start in on Fall and Christmas.

I hope to see you all soon.  Now head over to Robbie's site if you have not already come from there.

Happy Crafting,

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Blog Hop Wednesday -- August 3, 2016

It is blog hop Wednesday and we are doing something a little different this week.  We are going with monochromatic colors.  This week it is shades of yellow.   You should have arrived here from Liz's blogsite.

My colors are So Saffron, Crushed Curry and Delightful Dijon.

 This is the card I made.  I used the pretty Detailed Floral Thinlit.  I made the card to be mostly a closed card although if you untie the twine, there is a flower inside.  If I were going to mail it I would sign inside, but there is no narrative inside.

Now you should continue to Robbie's blogsite.  See you again soon.

Happy Crafting,

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Blog Hop Wednesday -- July 27, 2016

Welcome to blog hop Wednesday.  You should have arrived from Liz's blogsite.  She is back, and I am sure she has a very pretty creation.  This inspiration piece looks very colorful.  I love all the pretty colors.  

And here are the Stampin'Up! colors:

This is the card I created from the colors.  It was actually much easier than it looks because I used the stamp sets Petite Petals and Flower Shop and their coordinating punches.  I love when we have coordinating punches or dies to make life a whole lot easier.  Then I just colored with my markers and....finished.

I like this one.  I have stamped "happy birthday" but I think it would also make a nice "thinking of you" or "happy day" or something similar.  I did not take a photo of the inside, but it has 2 of the small stamps stamped but not cut out.

Thanks for stopping by.  Now you should continue to Robbie's blogsite, unless you started there.  In that case I would be the finish.

Come back soon.\

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Blog Hop Wednesday -- July 20, 2016

This past week has gone by so fast.  It seems I just did a card for my blog and a week has passed.  I don't know how I would manage to do something every day.  I really admire those of you who post every day.

Do you know who else I admire?  Well, the past few days my hubby and I went to the Pennsylvania Dutch country near Lancaster, PA.  That is where a very large settlement of Amish and also Mennonites live.  They work sooooo hard and I admire what they accomplish.  The farm fields are the most beautiful in that area.  It looks like someone has painted beautiful pictures on the countryside.  Certainly not a single weed is allowed to grow there.  We spent a few days there and had a great time.

But you are here for our blog hop, right?  Our inspiration piece is below.  The colors are Mint Macaron, Garden Green, Basic Black, Sweet Sugarplum, Flirty Flamingo and Peekaboo Peach.  I love the new in colors and am happy we were to use several this week.

Here is the card I made using our colors.  I did a little background with Timeless Textures.  The main stamp set is Touches of Texture.  Cute little bee, huh?  I really like Touches of Texture, both the backgrounds and the flowers, bee and dragonfly.  I zeroed in on the flowers and actually like how it all turned out.

You probably arrived here by coming from Joni's blogsite and now you should continue to Robbie's blogsite.  You will have a treat with the gals, as usual.  We have a few more this week than last.  Enjoy the hop!

See you soon,

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Blog Hop Wednesday -- July 6, 2016

Greetings friends.  Welcome to blog hop Wednesday.  We are back today with another colorful inspiration piece.  You most likely arrived from Joni's blogsite.  She did an excellent job with her interpretation.  When you leave here head over to Robbie's blogsite, where you will find another excellent creation.

Our colors are also listed below.

Here is what I created.  I am totally unhappy with it and plan to fine tune my idea to make something I like.  I don't care at all for the vanilla background behind the flowers.  Next time I will either stamp directly onto the card panel or I will use flowers I can punch.  However, I procrastinated way too long and did not get to my card until after 9:00 Tuesday.  Sorry.  Maybe you can give me some helpful hints how to use the Jar stamps and dies but not have the background so obvious.

I will work on this some more.  Now continue on the hop where you will find much more pleasant creations.  Next week I will start a little earlier.

Have a good week,

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Color Blog Hop Wednesday -- June 29, 2016

Welcome to Blog Hop Wednesday.  I've had a really busy week.  We have had our grandkids from Colorado out here for a few days before they continued on to "away" camp.  They were so excited, and we were excited for them.  I can't wait to hear all about it in two weeks when they finish and return to us before heading home to Colorado.

But you are here today for our blog hop, so let's get to it.  You should have arrived from Joni's blogsite.  I know you enjoyed her creation.  When you finish here then continue to Robbie's blogsite, where you will have yet another enjoyable creation to look at.

We are challenged today with the following inspiration piece.  It is a big piece of watermelon.  Although I didn't make watermelons, I did make some Watermelon Wonder flowers.  

 I used my Jar of Love stampset.  I don't see any jars, do you?  I love this stamp set because there are so many uses, and this is one.  There are some really nice stems and flowers, as well as the jars.  I used the stem and leaves, bending the stem a bit to make them fit together in different directions.  The nice thing about Photopolymer is it is pliable.  I spritzed the flower stamp with a little water and then stamped.  The sentiment is from Weather Together.

So that is my card today.  Come back soon for a visit.  I've been working on more cards.  I just can't seem to find time to add them to my blog.

See you soon,

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Color Blog Hop -- June 22, 2016

It looks like it is blog hop Wednesday.   You possibly arrived from Joni's blogsite,  and when you leave here you should continue to Robbie's blogsite to see what she has for us.

Our colors today are mostly purples and blues.  What a field of flowers in our inspiration piece.  I wonder where that picture comes from.

 I'm sorry my photo is a bit washed out.  I, unfortunately, waited until the last minute and created my card this afternoon at a craft meet.  Since I only got home about an hour ago, and it is Tuesday night around 9:00 when I am adding this post, it is dark outside,  I couldn't find a nice spot to take a realistic color picture.  The purples are a bit brighter in person, but you can still see the basic coloring.  I love the quilt look of all these pieces, and plan to make a few more in different colors.

Continue to Robbie's blog now to see what she has done.  Hopefully again this week I'll get a chance to get a few more cards on my blog, so come back for a visit.  In any event be sure to join us for our Wednesday blog hop.

Have a good day/week,

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Birthday Kitty

I realized the frog card I mentioned yesterday was already on my blogsite.  So, today I have another of the kitty cards I made using Pretty Kitty.  This was a birthday card to my BFF.  I think she liked it, she said she did.  Perhaps I should have bought the doggie card for her, since she has a dog, but I hope she liked the kitty anyway.

This set is so much fun.  Be sure to get some of the matching Washi Tape and the little enamel shapes.  The extra touches are so fun.

I'm going back to my craft room today to work with the Floral Flourishes, or maybe Falling Flowers, or maybe Detailed Floral Thinlits.  I don't know what to use first.

Come back soon.  Have a wonderful day,

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ele and Friend

Hello again.  Gee, I'm back sooner than usual.   Here is another of the many cards I have been working on using the new catalog stamps.  Aren't you loving the 2016-17 catty too?  I don't know how to limit my list.

This card is a real simply and quick card using a hostess set called Love You Lots.  This elephant is so cute.  Again, normally I am not a fan of cute animals, but this year's catalog has a bunch of very well done cute stamps.

A couple quick swipes of washi tape, a little fussy cutting, a stamp and you are done.  Hmmmm.....somewhere I have a card with the cute frog from this set.  Let me see if I can find it.  Come back soon and perhaps it will be found.

Have a great day,

Friday, June 17, 2016

Pretty Peeking Kitty

Hi all:   I have a bunch of new toys to play with and am having a grand time doing so.  If you have not ordered from our new, scrumptious, catalog, you need to get busy and make your list.

I'm not usually a person for cutsy animals, cartoony stamps, etc.  However, when I saw Pretty Kitty, especially the kitty peeking from the flower pot, and also the one all wrapped up in twine, and the one.........I knew at least several friends who would love to get a card using any of the characters.  I've already made and sent about 6 of these cards.  Love, love, love, this set.  I was skeptical of the Painter's Palette dsp stack at first, because the combinations were a bit too bright.  At first I could not think how to use them.  However, I'm already starting to horde my favorite pieces so I don't run out.  Maybe I should just think about another stack, do you think?

So today I'm showing you one of the kitty cards I made.  What do you think?

Come back soon for another visit.  I have a lot of cards I've made recently but have not put on my blog.  I'll have to get busy and start posting.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Blog Hop Wednesday -- June 15, 2016

This week's color challenge is soft and subtle.  And my card is really, really, simple.  The inspiration piece to me, is lined with soft color.  So, I decided to do a simple lined color card.  I'm almost embarrassed that it is so simple.  But, isn't every challenge about doing something different.  Well, this is different.

Here are the colors and the inspiration.....

And here is my simple card.................

You most likely came from Joni's blogsite and should continue to Robbie's blogsite.  I'm interested to see what everyone else does with these soft and simple colors.

Have a good week, see you soon,

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Color Blog Hop Wednesday -- June 8 2016

Howdy friends.  I'm back from the South.  My niece's graduation was beautiful and so was she.  I missed the blog hop last week, but I was happy to get back to my craft room this week and to re-join my crafty friends today.  We are challenged this week with some blues and greens.  Our inspiration piece and colors are below:

 We are missing Liz this week, so you probably came to me by way of Joni.  She is one talented lady, and I love to visit her blogsite.

Here is the card I created using our colors this week.  I had some sponges on my desk and decided I would use what was there,  I'm not sure what I was working on before I went to South Carolina, but the Wetlands stamp set and sponges must have been part of it.

Continue on to Robbie's blogsite now to see what she has created for us this week.  I'll be back again next week, and hope you will too.

Crafty Hugs,