Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday Blog Hop -- December 7, 2016

Hello again.  This time I'm in Zurich, Switzerland.  (I hope this reads in English, because a lot of my computer prompts are coming through in German, so good luck).  We made it from Frankfurt by train.  However, it was not much fun dragging the suitcases down the stairs in the train station.  There were 2 flights of stairs.  All escalators were set to UP, none down.  However, a fellow took pity on me and took my larger bag and carried it down.  He was so nice,  That was the inner city train just in Frankfurt.  Then we had to transfer to the inter country train and head for Zurich.  Guess what, another 2 flights down stairs.  This time I struggled -- I have no upper body strength -- for about half the distance before my wonderful husband came back up to help me finish.  We made it to our hotel and all has been well since.

Today is Saturday.  I am trying to post today because for the next 5 days we will be on a river cruise floating down -- or perhaps up -- the river in Germany,  During that time our internet will be spotty, so I want to post now, while I have the chance.  Guess where the boat dumps us?  Want to take a guess????   Frankfurt!!!   So pray for no more Lufthansa strikes.  We then fly to Berlin for 4 days and then fly to Munich for 4 more days.  So if Lufthansa strikes again it means we will be training it throughout the rest of our vacation.  Ugh!!  We love to take trains when we have no suitcases.  Yesterday we bought a train pass and went from Zurich to 2 different cities to have lunch and then dinner before coming back to our hotel in Zurich.  It is fun to zip around without suitcases.

So now that you are up to date with my travels, how about my card.  We are supposed to use gold, silver, or both.  I happen to have a card with gold in my photo file.  So here is my entry for this week. I used the gold shimmer paper for the pine cone and gold bakers twine.

As usual, you should have come to me by way of Liz's blogsite and should now continue to Robbie's blogsite  I can't wait to see how they used gold and silver.  I bet both are gorgeous, as well as all the cards on our blog hop.

Next week I should join you from one more travelling city.  By then we should be in Munich, Germany before we head home.  Have a great week.  Enjoy your warmth.  It is cold here.  Yesterday we had upper 20s.  The weather really isn't much different from home, but just a little colder.  Both John and I have layers and layers, so we aren't having any trouble roaming around outside.  I may look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, but I'm not cold.

Auf Wiedersehen,

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