Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday Blog Hop -- November 30, 2016

I am going to take artistic liberties today.  Since I put this week's card on last week's blog post, I am going to continue going rogue and do a Christmas card this week, which would be next week's theme.  By the time you read this post on Wednesday I hope to be on a train in Germany headed for Switzerland.  At least that is the plan.  Right now it is Monday and we are to leave tomorrow for Zurich, Switzerland by way of a connecting flight in Frankfurt, Germany.  However, this morning Lufthansa notified us that our connecting flight in Frankfurt was cancelled due to an airline strike.   The strike is 3 days but is exactly when we are to travel.  We spent all day today working out the snag.  So, once we get to Frankfurt we will take a commuter train to the main train station and travel 4 hours by train to Zurich, Switzerland.  Not so bad, but it was touch and go for a while.  With everyone trying to figure out what to do about their cancellations, it was difficult to find an alternative and then get through to make it happen.  Thus my statement that I hope while you are reading this I will either be on a train or already in Zurich, and this dilemma will be nothing more than a fun story to tell when we return.

For my card today, I am jumping ahead to December and putting a Christmas card on my post.  You may recognize it.  This is made from the super Paper Pumpkin kit subscribers received this month.  I quickly did up all the cards to add to my holiday card stash and love them all.  Because we will be travelling and won't return until very close to Christmas, I needed to have all my cards and Christmas shopping done before we left.  Wow, this is the first year I had all my Christmas cards and shopping done BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Enough jibber jabber,  here is my card.

The stamps in the set are cute houses and trees and a nice sentiment.  I did some cards with colored houses and that combination is nice too.  These are small and perfect for enclosing a nice monetary gift.  You probably came to me from Liz's blogsite and will then go to Robbie's blogsite.  The theme today actually is still Thank You.  Forgive me for "doing my own thing."

Hopefully you all had a nice Thanksgiving.  Enjoy December.  Cross your fingers for me and my travels and that Lufthansa gets this strike out of their system.  Dec 7 and 11 I have Berlin and Munich flights.  It is really hard schlepping luggage on/off trains so I hope the flights won't cancel.

Take care,

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday Blog Hop -- November 23, 2016

Welcome back.  It is Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.  You may be doing some of the same things that I am doing today.  I'm baking, cleaning, cooking, and getting ready for company.  My son and girlfriend and the grands are coming.  I can't wait.  The kids are getting older and are always so busy.  Their visits to Gramma and Grampa are getting fewer and farther between.  We go there, but they don't come here as often as they used to before they got so grown up and busy.

You should be hopping along today from Liz's blogsite and then head to Robbie's blogsite after me.  Our card today is very fallish and another thanks type card.  What better theme for Thanksgiving.

Here is my card.  When I saw the scarecrow in our sample piece I immediately headed for the Cookie Cutter group of cuties.  I love both the Halloween and the Christmas sets and have already used both a whole lot.   (Correction:  I just found out I used the sample for NEXT week!  I hate it when that happens.  Hope you enjoy my card anyway.)

What are you thankful for?  I have so many things on my list that it could go on forever, but first and foremost is my Creator, who leads me through all my days, both good and bad.  And next has to be my wonderful husband, who always treats me special, then my son, then my family, then, then, then.  I am sure you all go down the same kind of list.  Whatever or whoever is on your list be sure to remember all those special people and things.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  See you soon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday Blog Hop -- November 16, 2016

Here we are again, blog hop Wednesday.  You should have visited Liz's blogsite before me and will continue to Robbie's blogsite when you leave here.  Our theme for the whole month of November is thank you.  Here is our inspiration piece.

My card is very simple.  I made a few of these for quick thank yous.  It is just our square dies, a piece of dsp, a butterfly and a thanks stamp.  It is something really quick and simple

I hope you are enjoying fall.  Here it is starting to get chilly and I know that white stuff is just around the corner.  Shhhhhhh, don't mention the white stuff!!!

See you soon.  Happy crafting,

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Blog Hop Wednesday -- November 9, 2016

How is your election week going?  It is Tuesday night and I am currently watching election news.  Tomorrow we should have a new president.  Whoever wins the presidency, I hope that person will do the best for our country as a whole.  I pray for that person.  I hope you all voted, because your vote is important.

Ok, so now back to your regularly scheduled program, our Wednesday blog hop.  We have a Thank You theme for this month.  I was expecting fall colors, but these blues were totally unexpected.  Not too hard to do, though.  Right away I thought of the pretty blue Floral Boutique Washi tape.  Add to that Hello You Thinlits and that is my card.  Very simple.

You should have come to my blog from Liz's blogsite and should continue to Robbie's blogsite when you leave here.  Have a wonderful week.  See you soon.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Color Blog Hop Wednesday -- November 2, 2016

This is going to be very quick because I am borrowing wifi at McDonalds in order to get this on my  blog for our hop.  You should have come from Liz's blogsite and when you leave here you will continue to Robbie's blogsite.

During November we are to do fall type thank yous.  I did a card similar to this one a while back but I changed this one up a little.  I love these trees and have been using them often.  I just realized this is no longer a current set -- sorry -- because they are now sold out.  Hmmmm, I guess I better put it on the retired shelf now.

After I took the picture I went back and added some dazzling diamonds to give it some sparkle.  However, for fall, I think the glitter was too much.  I am glad I took the pic before I made that addition.

So here is my card, and now you can continue to Robbie's site.  I will go back to eating my dinner snack.  See you soon.

Crafty Hugs,