Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Color Wednesday Blog Hop -- June 24, 2015

Hi, and happy Wednesday again.   Today we have popsicles.  Yummy, I love popsicles!  I have some out in the freezer right now.  Mine are giant "Color Licks."  They start out one color and flavor and then continue for 5 colors and flavors.  My grandkids love them and that is why we have them in the freezer.  Well,  that and because hubby and I love them too.  Sigh.  

So here is our inspiration piece for today.  Wish I could grab one and enjoy.  Oh well.

And here are the Stampin'Up! colors.

Next you see my interpretation of the colors.  Just one more of the fancy folds.  I challenged myself to do the same kind of card yet make it look different.  I think changing from flowers to bright colors changed it.  The circles pattern actually is Washi Tape.  I love Washi Tape.  Not quite as much as popsicles, but close.

And once again here is the angle that shows the fold.

You probably came from Liz's blogsite and now you should continue on to Robbie's blogsite.  I am currently on vacation and will be gone a while longer.  Therefore I will not be here the next 2 weeks.  Hope to be back soon.  Take care, stay cool, and eat popsicles!

Crafty Hugs,

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Color Blog Hop Wednesday -- June 17, 2015

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to another blog hop Wednesday.  You should have come to me by way of Liz's blogsite.  Didn't she have a beautiful creation?  Love to see what she has each week.  And the rest of the gals in this blog hop have some talent too!  So our colors today are in the pinks.  I decided to stick with flowers, and I decided I wanted to do another fancy fold card.  I've been on a roll with this style.  Been doing several of this type of fold, and have given them as birthday cards.  The recipients have really liked them.  So you may see at least a couple more.

Here is our inspiration piece.

And here are the Stampin'Up! colors.

And here is the card I created with the colors.   I show both the full front and an angle so that you can see what the fold looks like.  On the inside there are more layers of cardstock so that when you look full on front the inside adds to the look of the whole card.

This is such a simple card, but has a nice look to it.

Hope you like my card.  I will be on vacation for a while.  We are heading to France for a little of gay Pareee and a little river cruising!  So I will miss you all and will miss crafting.  I won't be taking any supplies with me.  Well, maybe if there is just a little room in my suitcase I'll take one of my Pumpkin kits.

Continue the hop now and go to Robbie's blogsite to see what she has done.  Lately she has been trying all sorts of new things.  Love to see what she is up to each day.

Take care and stay cool,

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Color Blog Hop Wednesday -- June 10, 2015

Hi and happy Wednesday.  It is time again for our blog hop.  I'm glad you made it this week.  We have a somewhat unusual inspiration piece.  What I thought when I saw this was calm, soft, and silhouette.  You should have come to me by way of Liz's blogsite.  I know she struggled with this one as much as I did.  I need to go take a look, I bet she did a beautiful creation.

Although I love this picture, and love the colors in the inspiration, I had a terrible time making my card work.  I did like the idea of a new technique.  I was perusing Robbie's blogsite yesterday and saw a color technique she did and decided to try it.  Know what made me try it????  She said she used Almond Milk!  Well, I just happened to have Almond Milk from last week when my grandkids were here and we made smoothies.  So I tried it.  I just used some of the the milk, dropped a few reinker colors, and then put my watercolor paper on the top to soak up some of the color.  What I did discover, however, was that the first color you drop gets pushed aside by the next drops of colors.  So, use the color you want to dominate last.

Well I have blabbered enough.  Here is our inspiration piece.

And here are the Stampin'Up! colors:
Here is the card I created from the inspiration.  The watercolor paper soaking the reinker in Almond Milk is very similar to reinker on alcohol and some other techniques I've tried, but this is just a little different.  Thank you, Robbie, for the idea and for sharing the technique.  I want to try it again and arrange the drops of color just a little differently.  I'd like to get a little more streaking.  But this has the appropriate colors, and the butterfly and leaves look like silhouettes to me.  So I hope I succeeded.  And I hope you like it.

Now you should continue the hop and head back to Robbie's blogsite.  Her creation is probably gorgeous, and I bet full of color.  She is working on different color techniques right now.  Go take a look.

Hope to see you soon,
Crafty Hugs,

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday Color Blog Hop -- June 3, 2015

Happy Wednesday everyone. Glad you are back for another Wednesday blog hop.  It is getting to be summer vacation time and our numbers are dwindling a little.  However, we have some great creations for you today.  Our inspiration piece is beautiful.  I love the pretty colors.  You should have arrived here from Liz's blogsite.  I was with her the other day when she crafted her card.  It is really pretty.  We both worked on flowers, and even used the same flower, but I think we still had our own unique ideas.

Our colors this week are below the inspiration piece.  They are Smoky Slate, Wisteria Wonder, Perfect Plum, Mossy Meadow, Tangerine Tango and Pear Pizzaz.  I decided to try another fancy fold.  Once again I headed over to Dawn Olchefske's blog because I knew she had done another fold.  It is called Corner Flip.  And she has both measurements and a video.  Thanks, Dawn, for your inspiration and for sharing the deets.

 Here is my card.  It is a normal sized card which is cut near the upper right corner so that the corner can be folded back.  I think the video is the easiest way to figure out how to do it.  Then decorate the square and the inside to show the layers.  It is all the layers that give this card its prettiness.   Give it a try.

Below is a photo taken at a slightly different angle so you can see the opening a little better.  I really like this style and will be making more.

Now you should continue to Robbie's blogsite.  She has been working on some fancy folds too and now is doing some color combinations that are really pretty.  Go take a look at her blog and continue around to the entire hop for all the displays today and enjoy.  Come back soon.

Crafty Hugs,