Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Color Blog Hop Wednesday -- June 10, 2015

Hi and happy Wednesday.  It is time again for our blog hop.  I'm glad you made it this week.  We have a somewhat unusual inspiration piece.  What I thought when I saw this was calm, soft, and silhouette.  You should have come to me by way of Liz's blogsite.  I know she struggled with this one as much as I did.  I need to go take a look, I bet she did a beautiful creation.

Although I love this picture, and love the colors in the inspiration, I had a terrible time making my card work.  I did like the idea of a new technique.  I was perusing Robbie's blogsite yesterday and saw a color technique she did and decided to try it.  Know what made me try it????  She said she used Almond Milk!  Well, I just happened to have Almond Milk from last week when my grandkids were here and we made smoothies.  So I tried it.  I just used some of the the milk, dropped a few reinker colors, and then put my watercolor paper on the top to soak up some of the color.  What I did discover, however, was that the first color you drop gets pushed aside by the next drops of colors.  So, use the color you want to dominate last.

Well I have blabbered enough.  Here is our inspiration piece.

And here are the Stampin'Up! colors:
Here is the card I created from the inspiration.  The watercolor paper soaking the reinker in Almond Milk is very similar to reinker on alcohol and some other techniques I've tried, but this is just a little different.  Thank you, Robbie, for the idea and for sharing the technique.  I want to try it again and arrange the drops of color just a little differently.  I'd like to get a little more streaking.  But this has the appropriate colors, and the butterfly and leaves look like silhouettes to me.  So I hope I succeeded.  And I hope you like it.

Now you should continue the hop and head back to Robbie's blogsite.  Her creation is probably gorgeous, and I bet full of color.  She is working on different color techniques right now.  Go take a look.

Hope to see you soon,
Crafty Hugs,

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Lizzy said...

That is so cool! I' going to have to try this - yours turned out very nice!