Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year and hope that 2012 will bring you much joy, prosperity, and the chance to do everything you wish. 

Did you have a nice New Year's evening last night?  My hubby and I host a party every year, and the fun, food, and guests last night were every bit as nice as past years.  The highlight of the party, other than the midnight toast and kiss, is our Ugly Gift Exchange.  What is that, you say?  Weeellll, first you find the ugliest old thing you have around your house.  You know, those ugly unwanted things you bury in the basement or garage?  Then you dust it off, wrap it up in some ugly paper -- or nice paper if you want it to be enticing.  You bring it to our party and put it under our tree.  Of course, the gifts are not for us as we don't want them either.  Shortly before midnight each couple draws one numbered piece of paper from the hat.  When your number is called --starting with 1 to whatever number of couples brought gifts -- you select a gift from under the tree.  Each successive person can either take a gift from someone before them or pick a new one from under the tree.  We get lots and lots of laughs, many comments about where in the world a person could have found "THAT," and many comments about where that person is going to hide it before they go home.  You see, several couples try to hide thier "treasures" under our bed, in our closet, behind the TV, anywhere they think they can get away with leaving it behind.  Of course, several years ago I got wise and started taking pictures of each "treasure" as it was opened.  I'm no dummy!  I have a record of each and every gift, and have no problem taking that gift back to its rightful owner the next day.  Most of us are neighbors, so it is easy to take the gifts around.  We have much fun with our escapades in trying to get rid of our ugly gifts.  Last year  "Miss Kitty," which was a really tacky, painted, ceramic cat, moved around from neighbor yard to neighbor yard for about 3 weeks until all of a sudden one day it totally disappeared.  We have no idea where she is now.  Then there was the year of the flamingoes, and the dancing bear, and................well, you see.

Ok, so our Morning Chat group at Butternut Sage's blogsite was challenged to do something with a calendar.  After many hours of thought -- and a mojo missing in action -- I came up with the following:

This calendar is a little desk calendar that I will put on my craft table. You can fold it so that 2 months show at a time, and it will stand up by itself.   I've tried to do each page typical of a holiday, the time of the year, or birthday for that month.   Other years my favorite calendar was Stampin'Up's Days to Remember.  I really liked that calendar because when the year was over I had 12 scrapbook pages for my scrapbook.  Since we no longer have that calendar available to us, I will have to find another way to get my scrapbook pages.  I will probably work something out on MDS for this year.  In the meantime, today's post, is another option.

I hope you will join us over at for our morning chat Mon-Thur at 10:00 am.  We have fun discussions about new product, how to use it, and sometimes topics with no relation to crafting.

Until next time.....

Crafty hugs,


Butternutsage said...

your calendar is clean and stylish Sandy and a perfect foldable calendar for easy mailing and display! I especially like the use of the edgelit on your February design. Thanks for playing in MORNING CHAT this time. See soon in the chat room!

inkedx2 said...

Cute idea! May have to case it for my desk!