Sunday, October 25, 2015

Art Shop Leaves with Vase

I've been working on Christmas cards.  Seems like rushing the season a little, but when I think only 2 months, I think Yikes, I better get going, and fast.  Well, before I start showing Christmas, I thought I would show some of the stack of Halloween and fall creations I've been working on.

A week or so ago I mentioned that a friend and I had gone to an art shop and made "leaves in a jar."  I started showing just a hint of it behind some of the entries to my blog.  So I thought today I would show you the whole thing.

This was done by punching a gazillion leaves from designer paper.  After you have leaves everywhere you glue two together with a small piece of wire between.  Finish gluing and preparing all the little wires.  Then take 5 large wires (or more, if you want) and twist the little wires on them, curling the ends.  It is so easy.  I couldn't believe how easy, just very time-consuming.  It took us about 2 hours at the shop, but we had fun talking and laughing.  It was a good day.

I hope to continue to put my Halloween and fall cards on this blog over the next several days.  Once I finish that, perhaps it will be time to start Christmas.

Happy crafting to you,

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