Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saving the Day

The other day I and several other demonstrators met with our upline for our monthly team meeting.  It was my turn to do the make n take.  Well, I blew it.  I arrived, we had our meeting, and when I put out all my materials and explained what we were to do, I could not find the stamp set.  I had ink, cut paper, markers, glue, deminsionals, and even rhinestones.  But where was the stamp set?  Evenually when I got home I found it on my table -- forgotten.  So what did my upline suggest?  We were at her meeting room in a church building.  She keeps some things there, mostly stamp sets she is planning to sell, but not a lot of supplies.  Our challenge was to look around and try to come up with stamps to do the make n take.  (Hi, Buffy, and thanks for the challenge). 

Below the left card is my sample, and on the right is the one that saved the day.   Pretty close, right?  So the ending to this story is, no matter the limitations, you can manage to do something with what you have (if we had nothing else, I think we could have done a finger print card, which I am going to try doing next).  Pretty nice card, huh?  Mine was done with Summer Silhouettes and the final one was done with the new background stamp, Wildflower Meadow, which is in the new catalog.   Buffy happened to have that stamp and we were able to use portions of the stamp to accomplish something really close to my original.  My objective when I started my card was to use Washi Tape -- love that stuff.  I used two of the new ones that are part of This & That, also in the new catalog.

Well, it is Mother's Day weekend, and I hope all the mothers out there will be treated to a wonderful day by their children.  If you are not a mother, I hope you have a wonderful day too.

Until next time......................

Crafty Hugs,


Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Well done, Sandy! What a great alternative! Great colours too! Hugs xxx

Carol Smith said...

Wow, Sandy, the resemblance is uncanny! And beautiful! (I think that was a GOD moment) :). Anyway, I love that new meadow stamp, and I can't wait to get it. Hugs