Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mini Scrapbook

I finished my mini scrapbook for my son, Scott's, birthday present.  My hubby says he is going to like it.  Getting that comment from my hubby is all I need -- usually I hear "that's nice" or "cute."  This time he looked and looked, pulled out the tabs, looked some more, and said "Wow, that's really something.  I'm sure Scott will love it."  Sooo here are a couple pages for you.  Tell me if you agree with my hubby.

The booklet shows by folding back and forth.  There are 6 surfaces one way, and 6 surfaces the other.  You can either look at 2 pages at a time or unfold the whole thing.  I've done each 2 pages with a theme, then additional pictures from that theme are on pull out tabs.  

On this page for their birthday -- by the way, J.T. turned 9 and Hannah 6, and their birthdays are celebrated together because they are only a week apart -- they are with their cakes, and the tab shows some presents, etc.  (To my friend Sue, the super cakemaker:  Sue, close your eyes and pass this one by.  Don't laugh at my cakes!)  The cakes barely survived frosting with SOFT frosting, traveling 95 miles in the car in the August heat, sitting on the table all day, putting back together a time or two, not to mention little fingers that just had to taste.  But, as funny as they look, the kids loved them.   Hannah got the giggles a time or two.  The frosting on her doll kept slipping off her "boobs" and down to her waistline.  Hannah laughed that she had to push the frosting back up to keep her decent.  Ha ha, Hannah, I had your number.  You tasted frosting every time!

With this page I show how one of the tabs is done.  The tabs pull out from under the pages.  There are 10 full pages -- and a front cover and back cover -- so with the 5 pull out tabs I was able to incorporate 37 pictures and the highlights from most of 2011.  My son will have plenty to show off -- if he likes it!

Today I am off to my craft room.  I want to have a completed challenge for you tomorrow.  I need to do a birthday card but, hey, what are challenges for?  I should be able to do a birthday card AND a challenge all in one, right?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Crafty Hugs,


Sue Robinson said...

I think WOW just about sums it up. Wish I had your patience. Its fabulous i'm sure he will be pleased i'd love someone to trake time and effort to do somethiing so perfect for me.Sue

Laura Haffke said...

what a loving and beautiful gift ! your son will adore his mom for it!


Carol Smith said...

Yes, I agree with your hubby! What a labor of Love! Your son will love it even more later in life than he will now. Trust me. Great job. Carol

Buffy said...

Sandy, this is amazing! It's a wonderful gift that Scott will treasure forever. (And your cakes looked good, too!)

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

So much love and warmth in this project, Sandy! Is it a significant b'day? I am sure Scott will love it! Sorry ... I have been a bit neglectful over the last week ... but so glad to be here today! Off to scroll through and check what I have missed ... but ... no time to comment on each ... sorry! Hugs xxx

TeriBStampin said...

Sandy, Your scrapbook is awesome! I bet it is even more beautiful in person! Yes, I agree with your hubby. Hugs to ya!

Donna said...

so cute Sandy!