Sunday, March 18, 2012

MDS Adventure -- Take Two

I had to play just a little more with MDS.  I made another birthday card, and then printed both, mounted them on coordinating paper, and voila, done.  It is a lot of fun with MDS.  You can change your mind and undo, then change it back again.  You can look at it and add, delete, and not have any worries about ungluing or hiding mistakes.  I really enjoyed these and the scrapbook pages I have been working with.  However, the next MDS I work with I believe I will try my hand at hybrid and work with an MDS base and then add some layers.  I believe I still favor the look of entirely hand made and layers.  So what do you think of these attempts?  They don't match each other, but I took the picture of both together anyway.  I'm into advanced design that way.   Ha!

Short post, not much exciting around here right now.  I spent several hours today on my computer researching sites in cities we will be visiting this fall on our vacation.  I have lots of information, but I'm tired of looking at my computer screen. 

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Crafty Hugs

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