Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Birthday

My card today was designed by my good friend and upline, Buffy Cooper.  She makes some awesome creations.  This one was for a techniques class and the objective was to use our acrylic blocks to transfer ink to paper.  We applied color to a block with a marker, spritzed with water and then stamped on paper.  I did mine just a little different in that I streaked more and left some white areas, but the end result was pretty much the same.  I have done some similar cards by dropping ink on a silicone craft sheet and "smooshing" it around.  This technique is a bit more controlled, and I like it a lot (thanks a bunch, Buffy). 

Well I hope everyone survived Hurricane Sandy without too much damage, and a minimum of frustration.  We were spared.  I think the mountain we live on protected us from some of the wind.  We had some, but not enough to take down any trees, and there was little or no damage in our neighborhood.  We live in the woods, and we were pleasantly surprised that all the leaves came down but none of the trees, and the power stayed on.  So now I have to empty my bathtub full of water, empty all the bottles of water, use up the 3 pitchers of coffee we prepared (to heat over a Bunsen Burner) and put away all the candles and flashlights -- but no complaints, we were spared.

 However, we did get a lot, A LOT, of water.  This is a picture of the low water bridge we use to get over the river to our house -- the only way in and out of our community.  This is the water beginning to cover the bridge.

This is what happens when it really floods.  This was taken Tuesday morning from our side of the river.  See the cars on the other side..............

...............this is how we get to those cars on the other side so that we can get in and out of our neighborhood until the river recedes.  Still no complaints, we were spared.

I hope you liked my card today, and hope you enjoyed my little trip to our wonderful river. 

Until next time.........................

Crafty Hugs,


Carol Smith said...

Wow, sandy, I'm glad you are ok. We fared very well too, Your home looks like it is in a very beautiful place. I would love to see more of it. You are very blessed. Love the card, too... will have to make one. Hugs

Butternutsage said...

oh my goodness Sandy the flooding is unreal. Be safe. Now for your card D E L I S I O U S ! And your profile is delicious too! Love it!

Sue Robinson said...

WOW what a place to live I bet its normally so peretty, but at least you were spared thank goodness.Lovely card today love the colours. thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog. Sue