Friday, September 28, 2012

Ghouls and Goblins

I worked a little more yesterday on some Halloween treats for the grandkids.  I love these little bags.  They are soooooo easy and sooooooo much fun.    My husband laughed and asked me where I got them.  Duh, when I make something, where else would I get the supplies?!?  He especially likes the one-eyed mummy with the googly eyed spider.   I don't have the real Halloween candy yet for these bags.  If I had Halloween candy this early, it would be eaten before the big day.  Right now there are a few stale M&Ms in there -- yikes, stale?

I think the grands are going to get a kick out of these.  You really need to get this Ghoulish Googlies Bundle.  The stamps are adorable and the kit to make the bags makes it so easy to assemble.  Only problem I see, is there aren't enough in one package.  I have only 10 bags but lots of little cards and eyes.  I am going to have to order another package.  At $7.95 that isn't so bad.

And here are 2 more vacation pictures.  These were taken in Prague.


 This picture is taken from the Charles bridge and is of the Royal Palace on the hill.  We did not walk UP to that palace, we took a hop on/hop off bus.  However, we did walk DOWN from the palace.  My husband and I always walk a lot on vacation.  Which is  probably why I lost 8 lbs and he lost 9 lbs.  Ugh, he won, he lost the most!  The river is not the Danube yet, I'll get to that later.  This river is the Vltava and the boat is a sighseeing boat -- which we did take one day. 
And for my Australian friends, you will probably recognize this didgeridoo.  This fellow was on holiday from Australia, travelling around Europe.  A very interesting guy.  He set up his equipment in the Old Town Square and proceeded to entrance the tourists with his many instruments -- at least he entranced me.  I loved to listen.  We sat for quite a while with our Cokes and sore feet.  Another thing we usually do a  lot on vacation -- have coffee or Coke, people watch, and rest for a bit. 

 Hope you are having a wonderful day.  I'm headed off to craft with my friends.  Nothing better than friends, ink and paper, and nothing to do but create for a couple hours!

Crafty Hugs,

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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Amazing photos, Sandy! I will have to scroll back to see more of your holiday pics ... Seeing I haven't done any blurfing (blog surfing) for awhile! Love the cutie bags! This didgeridoo is much more "crafted" than most of the ones I have seen. The aboriginal people carve them out of a tree branch / trunk so they are quite uneven. But I am sure this one is played the same way! There is a group of aboriginal dancers who also play them at Sydney Harbour. Whenever we get up to Sydney city ... We love to sit, rest & people watch too! Hugs xxx