Friday, December 2, 2011

Simple Thank You

I've been missing for a couple days.  Wednesday my friend Eileen and I spent the day crafting -- hugs, Eileen.  It is fun to have a whole day with no obligations other than to craft and have fun.

My card today, however, is not from that day. Silly me, I forgot to take pictures of what we did, so I have nothing to show you from our crafting day. However, I do have this card. It isn't a Christmas card, it is an all occasion Thank You.

So simple I was able to whip it up in a few minutes. Oh, and just wait until the Occasions Mini comes out January 4th. I am so happy! Stampin'Up! is starting all new "satin pleated ribbon." That's right, you won't have to do the little pleats by hand the way I did on my card above. They're already done for you, how cool is that!

I'm working diligently on a challenge given by the morning chat group over on Butternut Sage Designs -- hi gals. We are to create something with a snowglobe as the theme. I think when I finish I am going to like what I have. There are all sorts of things swimming in my head. I just hope when they land on the paper they look like I imagine. Snowy, globey (is that a word?), cute and funny -- at least I think it will be funny. Look for it on Monday, when the challenge is due. And maybe by then I will figure out how to link to Donna's site so you can see the creations every one else makes.

So, everyone, have a great day. Tomorrow hubby and I are off to attend our granddaughter's karate function. She's only six, but is working on a new belt. I'll have to figure out the sequence of belts so I have some idea how she is doing. But, hey, as long as she is learning and having fun, that's what counts. Over the weekend I just might have a pic or two. Till then......

Crafty Hugs,

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