Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Heart

I've been working on several cards for my stamp-a-stack this weekend.  I don't want to show them here until after the event, but here is a peek at something I was working on the other day.  This is not one of the stack, but I have cut some extra alternates -- and this is one of them -- just in case someone has extra time or wants to take one home.  This started out as just playing around, then I tried pink, then pink and gray, then I went to the chief commenter at my house (hubby) and asked his opinion.  He liked this one.

I like the heart framelits because there are 6 different graduated sizes.  That makes it easy to nest different colors like I did above.   And the largest one is scalloped -- so pretty.  The stamp set I have used here is You Are Loved in the annual catalog.  All of the stamps in this set are perfect for Valentines Day.

For the inside I just stamped one of the other stamps in the same set.   I hope you like my card.  And we'll see how my SAS gals like it.
I was having a little discussion with my friend Maria yesterday at my craft meet (hi Maria, fun crafting yesterday)  about blogs, blog comments, and how many people read blogs.  I told her I know lots and lots of people read blogs, but each of us never knows if our particular blog is read, or liked, unless we get comments -- we can check the counter, but that's not terribly reliable -- so I begged her to comment when she comes in to read my blog.  I'm begging you, too, to make  a comment now and then and let me know what you think -- be honest, but kind, please????
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Crafty Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Yes, Sandy, I not only read your blog, but I do appreciate what you post. For instance, today's card is a winner. I like how you use the framelits for the card's shape and show what you do inside. Some of us are not responders due to time considerations, but we still like what you do, so keep up the good work. Thanks! Nancy B

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Hi Sandy! There are times my blog is very lean on comments and I feel a bit flat about it. I am not a star blogger with heaps of fans ... But I realised that I wasn't blogging for comments ... I was blogging to share! If I get comments ... bonus! I understand the feeling that nobody cares. I have felt that ... But after my 2011 ... My "annus horribilus" (horrible year), I totally get that sometimes we have no idea what is going on I people's lives. We don't really know what stresses & responsibilities people have ... And the secret issues that are in their lives. So .. I try to be understanding and try not to judge. Yes ... There are those who get a gazzilion comments ... But we truly don't need the comments to feel balued. We can take joy in the fact that we have achieved. Whatever that is ... Raising our kids ... Happy Family relationships ... Career success ... Friendships etc etc ... And our card making achievements & growth in our skills. Enjoy those moments & try not to worry about your comments. I love to see your creations. So keep loving your card making ... And keep sharing. Even if it is only for YOU! Hugs xxx

Sandy said...

Very good advice, Andrea. Thank you. A lot of my blogging is for the fun and for me. Can't help my curiosity though sometimes about whether anyone is looking. But I am getting e-mails and see that "friends" out there are checking up on me. That is nice. Thank you for your comments. Have a great day. Hugs to you.