Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Blog Hop Wednesday -- May 17, 2017

Hi Friends:    We are back with another blog hop Wednesday.  You should have arrived by way of Liz's blogsite.  Continue to Robbie's blogsite when you leave here.

We were challenged today to making a shape card.  Any shape other than the usual rectangle.  I chose to make a kind of circle.  Since Stampin'Up! no longer has any of the large circle dies like in the past, I had to improvise.  I cut a 4 x 8 piece of cardstock, folded in half.  Then I cut a large circle in the front of the card using the largest size of the circle dies, then rounded the corners with the same circle die.    Not quite a perfect circle card, but close enough to make an odd shape.  With the dark background behind my card this looks almost like looking through a porthole.

We have been having some serious slow internet connections the past 2 days with the computers at our house.  I had a very hard time getting this site to load and to get my card to download.  I am going to hurry and finish up here before it locks up again.

Have a great day,


Lizzy said...

Love your card - this could count for another one we have coming up - summer fun!

Buffy said...

Beautiful, Sandy! I was thinking, "It's almost like being on a cruise," and the. I read your blog and realized you thought so too. Was that on purpose? It's a perfect porthole!!

Unknown said...

A porthole or a life preserver -- either way, a beautiful card!

Sandy said...

The porthole was not intended. It was only after I finished my blog entry and was re-reading that I looked at the picture and porthole came to mind. Thanks to "unknown." Never thought of a life preserver, huh. We never know how things are perceived, sounds ok to me.