Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Color Hop Wednesday -- April 8, 2015

Happy spring everyone!  I think it is finally here?  Well, at least for a few days.  I am sitting here with my doors and windows open and I love it.

Today we have a beautiful challenge.  The colors are soft and spring like.  I did have a little trouble getting started, but once I started I knew what I wanted.  It turned out ok.  I would like just a little more color in the flowers, but in person there is a hint of the orange, just enough to make it peachy.

You most likely came from Liz's blogsite.  She told me she had difficulty getting going too, but I'm sure when I head over there it is going to be gorgeous, as usual.

 And here is what I did.

Now, if you started with me, or even if you didn't, continue to Robbie's blogsite, where you will be at the start, or continue going around.  Robbie has been working hard with colors and has done a wonderful job coming up with all sorts of color ideas.  I'm sure her creation today is as beautiful as they always are.

Hope to see you soon.

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carol smith said...

This is pretty, Sandy. Love the use of those feathers peeking out from the flowers! I regret to say this is my last entry for a while, Having a little too much going on here, and cant concentrate. check in with me from time to time, I will miss you all. Hugs