Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thanks -- Take 1

Probably just about everyone I know should get a thank you card from me.  Either because of a birthday present, or just something nice they have done recently.  So I have been creating in my craft room and most everything coming out of that room lately says "Thanks," "Thank You," or something like "You Are So Sweet."  Well, maybe more like "You Are So Nice."  Again, since most of my word stamps retired last year, there is very little to pick from if I want to use current.  But, hey, if it is to my friends, I can use what I want, right?

Here is one card which came off my craft table.  I hope as I progress through the something like 15 cards I need to create, that they get better.  I am hoping along the way I zero in on something that I just love and want to at least octo-plicate (did I ever tell you I make up my own words?).  A while back I found one I liked and I believe everyone I know received one at some point or other.  But now I have to find another.  In the meantime, I'm doing one at a time until I find that special one.

This card just didn't seem to have a finish.  Any ideas what I could have done to give it that finished look?  The top part was dull.  So I sponged it a little, distressed it a little, and I still don't like it.  Maybe a different color?  This one will probably end up in a box unless I can build on it -- I don't want anyone I know to get it.

This is the inside and also the envelope.  Very simple, but it gives plenty of room to say something nice.

I believe my hubby also needs a thank you card.  The other day we went out shopping for a new microwave.  I didn't break our current one, he did -- or the cat did it.  (We don't have a cat)  Anyway, before we finished we had our microwave, looked at and picked out a new fridge, decided on the kind of new stove we want soon, and looked at washers and dryers.  Not sure whether he is hinting that he wants me to cook more, do more laundry, or whether he plans to do more and wants new stuff.  Our current appliances went in when the house was built, and although not avocado green or harvest gold, they are roughly 20 years old and getting pretty scruffy.   So, I think we'll be getting some new appliances over the next several months.  How many thank you cards do you think he deserves?

So I am off to my craft table again to see if I can come up with another design that I like better.  Don't forget to come back soon to see what develops.  And don't forget, Wednesdays are the color blog hop.  This week we are challenged to work with Pacific Point.  Come see what everyone creates for this challenge.

Until next time............

Crafty Hugs,


Carol Smith said...

Sandy, you're too hard on yourself. I think your card is so pretty- it looks like suede...But if you want to add something, maybe the ink spots from French Foliage would work for you. I think your hubby just simply LOVES YOU! So do I, you are funny and awesome, and VERY talented.

Lizzy said...

I like it, but it you want something more, maybe three little brads on the right, sitting above the ribbon?

Laura Haffke said...

Hi Sandy!
Hugs to you!!!!
Those silly KITTIES! (wink)
Your card is lovely!
My motto is: Add a brad, a button, a bow, a pearl, a rhinestone (or two). tee hee hee!
Laura Lynn

Butternutsage said...

I love this card it remoinded me of 1964 when I was young and staying over my friends house while my mom had a new baby.....she had this really cool contact paper that I immediately thought of when I saw your card. LOVE IT!!! The distressed sponging on the top was perfect...yes and I remmeber and had Harvest Gold appliances!!!! Now mine are all concealed in wood!