Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Babies

A few weeks ago I spoke about the trip my husband and I took to visit grandkids out on the West Coast and Denver area.  I also said I would include a few pics on my post of these wonderful kids.  We had a rare happening in that within one week we got to spend time with all six of our grands.  I don't think we've had that much kiddie time all at once, ever.  My son and his kids live only 95 miles away, so we see them fairly often, but the other 4 are out West and we don't get to see them as often.  My son and his two visited us on the weekend, then on Tuesday we went to San Francisco and saw two more, then on Friday we went to Denver and saw the last two.  Whew!  6 kids in one week -- we had soooo much fun, and I miss each one of them. 

Above are my son's two:   Hannah (6), our only girl, and J.T. (9).  It's pretty obvious this was at J.T.'s football game.  Love them.

The above two are my husband's daughter's two boys:  Owen (8 - almost 9) and Cooper (6).  They are fantastic brothers.  We saw many instances when the older fella was very protective of his little brother.  Yet, there were just a few squabbles -- what do you expect, they are boys! This was a trip to the candy factory -- thus, the hats.   Love these guys.

The above little guy is one of my husband's son's two boys (I guess I didn't get a picture of them together):  This is Thomas and he is 1 1/2.  Such a cute and fun little guy.  Love him too!

And this is Thomas's older brother Jack, who is 5.  He had some swim lessons while we were there and we got to watch.  Love this guy too.

So there are all six of our adorable grandkids (absolutely no prejudice here).  We get lots of pics of the guys out West and some face time on the computer, but it would be nice if they were closer.  We get to spend more time with my son and his kids, so that helps just a bit.  We go to sports, school activities, and they come up to our place in the mountains.

Hope you enjoyed my photos.  Visit again soon.

Crafty Hugs,


TeriBStampin said...

Sandy, You have a good lookin' family! Thank you for sharing!

Carol Smith said...

Sandy, thanks for sharing your family...they are all so cute. You're so lucky!

Butternutsage said...

so adorable