Monday, April 23, 2012

Handmade Flower

A month or so ago my friend, Liz, and I decided we would each buy a little flower making kit and an initial punch or two for flower making.   This is my first attempt.  I believe Liz has mastered it because she has made several beautiful flowers.  And, she makes it look pretty easy.  I started in on this one and almost gave up.  But I persevered and finally finished.  Not too bad, but I do need more practice.  This is the kind of flower you punch about 10,000 petals (well, actually only about 20).  You shape the petals, sponge a little color on the edges, and then you glue them on one by one by one by one -- well, you get the idea.  Actually, I like it and want to do more.  Of course, this type card won't mail well, so it would have to be used for something special or just as decoration.  Hope you like it.

You can't really see, but an embossing folder was used here to create a frame around the card, and I also sprayed some Vanilla Smooch for a little shine.  Looks prettier in person.   My friend, Teri, told me today that anything pink is her favorite, so this pink card was done with her in mind.  Thanks, Teri, for the inspiration.

Well, I'm going to go back to my craft table and see if I can create a few more things today.  Hope your day is going well and hope you come back soon.

Crafty Hugs,


Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Hi Sandy! How divine! What are the flowers made of? Can see the elegant embossing if you look carefully! Hugs xxx

Butternutsage said...

so pretty Sandy what folder is this?

Lizzy said...

This looks great - so glad you continued and finished - they don't look like much until you put them on a card - love the embossing folder and color combos - I say that a lot - you are great at color combos - see you didn't even need that color coach - another year of retirement issues! We've been through a few together!