Monday, February 6, 2012

Ready to Read

I love to read.  In fact, I come from a family full of readers.  My sister has a Master's Degree in Library Sciences and wanted to work for the Library of Congress.  But she hated Washington DC traffic and so the Library of Congress idea went by the wayside.  My mother always had a book close by, and my husband loves to read.  My son and his two kids all read bedtime stories and the kids are apt to pick up a book to kill time rather than a coloring book or TV.  We all love to put puzzles together, too.  But that's another topic -- I usually have a puzzle out on a table somewhere most any time.  I noticed yesterday that my husband was still using a Christmas bookmark that I stuck in the book I gave him for Christmas.  So, today I decided to make some new ones.

These bookmarks are  not holiday sensitive, so they should last a while.  I also did some Valentine bookmarks for my grandkids, but they are ready to mail and I didn't take pictures.  Besides, I said I was done with the Valentine topic here.  I used sponging and just a few stamps for these bookmarks.  Colors are Wisteria Wonder, Concord Crush, Rose Red and Pear Pizzaz for the purplish one and So Saffron, Rose Red and Pear Pizzaz for the pinkish one.  The stamp sets are Nature's Pace and Nature Walk.  Hmmmmm, I just realized, I guess I am into nature today -- must be the deer and bear (see below). 

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night?  We went to a neighbor friend's house, and even though the choice of teams was mixed, we all had fun.  Would you believe venison chili and bearmeat sausage pizza?  Well, some of our neighbors are into self preservation and living off the land.  Not me, I love my grocery store, my car, and big screen TV -- with DVR.  Anyway, the chili and pizza actually were very good.  Usually I don't much care for venison and I had never eaten bear.  We have far too many deer, and since they like to eat our gardens and bushes and flowers, hunting them is ok with us.  And I've seen bear a few times, as we have a family of bears in the woods where we live.  Mostly they stay away, and mostly they run when they hear us coming.  And that's fine with me.  But the bearmeat was not from the family that lives in our woods.  Not sure I want any more bearmeat.

I hope you all had a great weekend and are having a terrific Monday.   I am happy you came to visit me, and hope you come back soon.

Crafty Hugs,


TeriBStampin said...

These bookmarks are awesome! You are a great inspiration!

Sue said...

Love the colour comdo of the wisteria and pwear pizazz bookmarks beautifully done