Monday, September 2, 2013

Another Birthday

Here's the other birthday card I did the other day.  It is for my grandson, who loves fish, the kind in an aquarium.  He and his dad each have an aquarium for the fish they like.  I used 1 12 x 12 sheet of designer paper for both the envelope and the card.  The envelope uses 8 x 8 for a standard envelope and the remaining pieces I used for the front of the card.

For this card  I used the new Circle Thinlet and the circle die, which is one of the extra pieces in this set.  I love the thinlets, both the Circle and the Label.  They make some really nice a bit out of the ordinary cards.  I like to shake things up once in a while and do something different so I was really happy to see these thinlets. 

The stamp is Fishin' Around, which is a 1 stamp set, at $8.95 it is a really inexpensive stamp.  I'm going to use it for the younger grands for future cards.    I haven't done much water coloring lately.  I have no idea why, because I feel water coloring is my very favorite technique.  It makes me feel like a real artist.  I need to get back to it again.  You can't see it here, but inside I made a small slit and inserted a piece of green -- the spending kind.

So there is the other birthday card.  Perhaps I can find a pic or two of the birthday.   Let me see...........

Here's dad and the kids at dad's house.  They had a grand time, but I had even more fun.  I have to drive a long way to visit when they don't come up to our house, but it is worth it.  I love spending time with them, they make me happy! 

See that big grin on my face?  That is HAPPY!

Have a great day.  Be sure to come back again soon.

Crafty Hugs,

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